Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spirit Dog, needs donations - please read link and pass on

One donation already received for 10.00
more conversations with Kara

Kara Peterson June 19 at 12:32pm
I just sent out a letter to friends and family, hopefully we will raise a good amount.

I think God brings certain people in my life for a reason, and things that should happen do. I have been deadly sick, I am only 41, and this is just a very strong life threatening allergy to latex that has me down. This week I have been a little more emotional than usual. I am not a complainer, however I finally broke down because I am no longer having "good" days. I went into shock three times in two days, that happens, but with the pneumonia it is worse. I finally broke down and cried this week, I like to think of myself as a strong person, but I just got so overwhelmed I broke down and cried, I don't want to be sick any more. I prayed to God for some help, some relief of some sort, and to help me pull through this.

So yesterday I took Spirit to a park behind our house. My husband did not want me to go, I have been in the house a long time now and he worries about me. So just before the walk I posted Spirit's "Gopher huntin" photo and we drove the car a few houses down and went to the park. I saw a dog that looked just like one of Spirit's friends on line, I asked the man if I could take the dog’s photo. Spirit did have her vest on as it carries my meds. I spoke to this man a bit and he seemed to genuinely listening to my story.

He then asked me if he could write a story on us. Turns out he is high up at our local paper, and in our short 5 minute walk this was the only other dog person I had spoken too! They are everywhere. So that seemed to be a meeting that was planned.

Then I got home and saw you note. I actually cried and thanked God for these two miracles he gave me. Yes I think we were planned to meet. I know when I help people I feel better, and I guess I just needed to be on the other end for once. So I think this will be a great reward for us both! 

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