Tuesday, June 8, 2010

so many portraits, so little time to blog!

I did nine bulldog portraits and helped two rescues with 15% of my profits.
That really helped my business get going. Bulldogs are so fun to paint. Next I offered a $20.00 off for the first three cat orders and they rolled in one, two, three, such beautiful cats. I found a wonderful rescue that really is need of donations. The Central FL Sharpei Rescue has put my link on their web page and together we advertise on FB to try to get some business. I painted a 5x7 as an example, but I'm still waiting for my first Sharpei portrait.  I'm also working on a beautiful Macaw for a FL Big Bird Rescue. They will be making T-shirts out of the image.  Next I signed up for the Canine Guild and paid my 30.00 Entry fee. I was accepted, and was so thrilled! Ha, I'm sure they take anyone that has a few examples and the 30.00 fee. But, it made me so happy! I entered two portraits for they here kitty kitty painting contest.  On Monday I had four more inquiries. I think I can officially say I'm a working artist! I come home and paint every night. I  just ordered a lap top so I can look at the digital pictures while painting instead of printing them off w/color ink.  I think I'll really enjoy that. FB is a wonderful place to meet people. I've met so many talented artists to share with. They inspire me to do more and hopefully I inspire them too.

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  1. I also love to paint pets on my shirts and i am sure there are so many people who like this, so get ready for a huge number of people who are coming to get it. :D


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