Thursday, May 27, 2010

Social Networking for small business

Why would I chose social networking for sales of pet portraits?
Because people buy from people they know and trust.  I am a emerging artist and am using social networking to build a small part time business. This is a fantastic way to show your products for free to thousands of people.

Why pay for gallery space for just a few people to possibly see?

I have been working my part time dream business for about six months now. Building relationships, sharing and caring about others. I donate a portion of my sales to rescues and am always looking for a rescue that might want to do a fund raiser.

This type of marketing - is the best for me - because I get to know my client. They also get to know me.
It's like having your artist as your good friend. One you can share with  and who shares with you.
People would never get this from purchasing at a craft show. I get a real feel for the love they have of for their pet and can put that energy into my work. I've gotten to know some wonderful people this way, dog lovers, cat lovers, bird lovers and other artists that share the same passion for art.

So, if you are a small part time business and you are not on a social network, don't wait. It will enrich your life and possibly increase sales. If it were not for facebook, I would of never been able to afford to paint as often as I do. With each painting, I buy more supplies and increase my skills, while getting to know people.

Share of yourself and you will be rewarded.

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