Friday, July 2, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty ART SHOW

I was accepted into the Canine Guild and the first art show was called Here Kitty Kitty!
I quickly ran a special on cat portraits so I'd have something to enter into the show. Luckily, some of my fans on my Facebook page gave me orders and they were some of the most beautiful cats.
I entered these two in the show. 

Come visit the show and support the Canine Group in our efforts to expand and meet the needs of our clients. 
Sometimes, it not just about the dog, it's about the other animals we love.
I take commissions on any pet - from Lizard to Bird and all in between.

If you would like  your pet painted - please let me know 
I have sizes from trading cards up to 16x20 and will be adding Christmas Ornaments this year too.
you can come see what I'm up to on my FB Page

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