Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don't just Dream it do it, with social marketing.

Are you are using social marketing to sell your art or craft?  If not - perhaps you should think about it. Why? Because people like to know who it is they are buying from. Especially with internet sales, if they know you there is a feeling of comfort that the product - craft is the real deal just like you!

I hear so many people say they would like to have a fan page and a personal page for just the immediate family and friends. To keep business separate from pleasure. I say business should be pleasure. Yes, I have a personal page and a fan page. But, here is my difference.  I joined FB to be social and to network, so my page is open to anyone to look. I keep my personal interactions w/family in friends on my yahoo e-mail. Not, on a social network. Why? Because if you want to sell, you have to know more people - you have to share with others. Your chances of being seen on FB is much better than in a gallery or at a craft show. I can show my art to 1,000's per day, and it costs me nothing.

But, you want to keep your private stuff private? Sure, I understand,  but maybe a internet social network is not so private in the first place. So, you ask why would I want to be friends with thousands of strangers? Well, everyone is a stranger until you get to know them! This network is filled with so many wonderful people. I've met designers, writers, marketers, artists, people in my community. And, have met so many people along the way that I've learned from - shared with, and who have helped me.

From opening up my world to others - I've had the chance to get some of my paintings published in a book, have been spotlighted on numerous blogs and have had consistent sales of my paintings.

FB book is designed to work the events and LIKE pages off from friend suggestions - so if you only have 15 friends there are not many people to invite to your event - or page. But, you can always pay for advertising if you prefer. I'd rather do it for free.

So here are my tips of the day.

Join groups
Join pages
friend people -- at least people like you with similar interest and goals
watch what they do - if you don't know how find valuable groups and pages, look
at their profiles and see what they joined
support those people- give them thumbs up - comments- feedback - encouragment
Share - not just on your page -but with your groups
share what you can - if you are an expert - share your knowledge

Give - give your followers something positive to follow -
make events - contests for people to participate in for prizes, everyone wants to be a winner.
Set goals - and when you reach them set new goals.

Life is too short to exclude people from our lives. You  will never know who you missed out on; who could of  helped  you achieve your dreams if you don't meet new people.

and my final words for tonight


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