Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Gives?

I continue to grow as an artist and as a person who likes to give. 
At first I just gave my FB friends jokes - quotes - and the liked that. So, I expanded and added a 
Fan page and started sharing my art in progress. - People loved that and my number of followers grew.
Then to keep up the momentum I started giving away free paintings and prizes for benchmarks.
Again my numbers grew and sales picked up.  But, could I do more? Yes, of course I could. So,
I started sharing a flower photo a day, or a sunrise or sunset.  My fans enjoyed that - a nice
friendly page to visit - see art, and photography-have a laugh or a motivational post. Life was good.
Hmmm- but could I give more?? - What else could I do to give, seems like I was giving of myself and promoting my page, but surely there was more. I started giving 10% to the rescues of the clients choice. Again, sales 
grew. I tried to get rescues to add an event or my link to their web page, but response was limited. Oh, well, I'll find the right rescues - it just might take some more time. Then - I kept thinking - I seem to being doing well, but I know that other painters and crafters may not be doing as well, so with over 3,000 people on my page, I wondered what else I could do. I then decided to give back to my fellow face book friends by sharing three links a day on my page of their Fan pages.  So, I sat back and thought life was good, I was giving. 
Hmmm- but what else could I do in the spirit of giving?
I found a beautiful dog - Spirit Dog
and I gave a free painting - and will give away a copy for the fund raiser for this woman that needs money for medical expenses.

I gave a couple of digital paintings to Paul Jackson - to help with his fundraiser for Art VS Oil

and I gave this painting  to a fund raiser auction  for the Gulf -to donate to the Wildlife Federation 

Then my my most recent giving -was I created a new page for artists and craft people to get together
and share ideas on where and how to give. So we can all learn, share and grow from our combined experiences of giving. 

So - my thoughts are - give and you will receive and if you have nothing to give, at
least give a smile, and people will smile back, and you will feel good. 

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