Thursday, July 8, 2010

Have I been barking up the wrong tree?

As a pet portrait artist I like to help animals and give back. But, my marketing efforts are not always well received. I've been contacting Rescues for about a year now, asking them if they are having any fundraisers and would they consider having an artist provide a percentage of sales to the benefit. Yet, no one really had the time or energy to say yes. Then I started creating my own events on FB telling a particular Rescue that I would be giving them 15% of my sales for the month of my event, and if they
would be kind enough to let me post on their wall. That went over okay, but not much feedback
or help marketing from the Rescues. They took my 15% of all my hard work and marketing and said
thanks for the donation. I've sent letters to all the rescues in Florida asking them if they might
want help and perhaps share a reciprocal link to my web page. Still no one cared to do this.
Don't rescues want money? Lately I was encouraged again by a fellow pet portrait artist to reach out again. She shared her letter she often sends and I used it as a basis for my letter. It was not much different from my previous approach. So, this week - I sent out my letter to over seventy five rescues - two responses. One said  no, we don't do that - but we will sell you a spot on our page for a link
at the rate of $150.00. - One other said no - we don't want your fundraiser or percentage of sales, but you are welcome to give us a free painting to auction.
My new friend gave me a e-mail of one of the rescues she uses - and yes, the woman quickly responed yes, she would love to place a link on her page and on FB too. I asked her for her web page and FB name - yet I'm still waiting! I don't know who the rescue is. But she says she wants my help! : )
Finally after several postings on my page and donating to one Bulldog Rescue on my own, they
said yes, we would love to provide you a link and post your wonderful paintings as examples
for 15%. This all took over 8 months to accomplish with reaching out to over ten rescues per week?
So, I do wonder - was I barking up the wrong tree?
I'm going to try FB ads next.Come see my paintings here


  1. I am encountering the same issues. Going to start leaving posters at local shelters and speaking with them face to face about the possibilities.
    So odd that they refuse the donations. I think of it as a win/win!

  2. It does seem odd that they spend all this money on advertising and consultants, then won't accept any hep that they can get. Very odd.

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  4. i wonder if they dont have the volunteers to make it work
    i know we dont

    but i would buy a piece of your work and let it be a prize in a photo contest

    i think people would go for that

    then people will find out about your work and the winner can have their pet done up in some form by you - sounds good to me


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