Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pointalisim Pet Portraits - Seasons of the Bulldog

July was a very slow month for me - no pet portrait orders - after a very busy June, it
was time for me to regroup and allow my creative energy to flow. I took this opportunity
to continue to work with the rescues the were willing to listen and be open to having
a relationship where they post my link and I build a commission link for them - offering
15% of my profits for any orders that come from our relationship advertising. After
over 100 letters and asking as many rescues on FB as I could- I found three rescues
that were eager to try to make some additional money via my donations.

The Close to Home Animal Rescue

Second Hand Snoots Rescue

Illinois English Bulldog Rescue

My next step was to create my idea of  Bulldog Seasons.  - Knowing that pop art was very popular, and so many artists were selling that style -I wanted to expand and try something new with the pointalisim - paining a series of dots of different colors to create a shape. -
I posted my first on Summer Bulldog - people liked it. - So I continued with my series.

Then I spend $25.00 on marking on FB for one day - paying for impressions and got about 30 hits.
along with that I offered a GAME- giving away a free print of Spirit dog and my new Winter Bulldog.
This ended up with about 50 new fans - and many more people at least exposed to the idea.

I posted the new style on my artfire - 8x10 at $75.00
and prints for $10.00Winter Bulldog Listing - Artfire page

So - from Pop Art to Dot art-  looks like a hit! I have had a few inquires already. As a artist I need to keep working on building a client base and keeping my customers interested. I love what I do and am willing to expand my services.

My goal this year was to get a name know and build my page on FB. I have done very well with that - with over 3,000 people on my page, many of them very active in talking and giving me feedback. The second goal
was not net no profit! LOL - Yes, I didn't want to pay taxes on my additional income. So, I've done a real good job reinvesting every penny into supplies. Stocked up on frames, paper, paint, storage units, PC's, Cameras.

Now, that those goals have been accomplished, I need to start making some money - getting more orders so that I can further expand the business. I want to start offering museum quality prints of my works. But, to get a professional grade printer, paper, and ink, will set me back over $3,000.00 -  Selling prints is a good way to make extra money without having to paint 24hrs a day. For you see, I only have three hrs per day, since I work full time. allows me to sell canvas prints - cards - mouse pads, mugs of my paintings too, but profits are small. The quality is very good on the products and I have purchase many myself. The calendars are good sellers because you can order them for any start month you want.
My Zazzle Page

I really appreciate my fan base and all of the other artists and friends who keep me motivated and inspired to do more. Without this huge base of talented friendly people I meet every day on FB, I could of never accomplished this.

So, if you want to continue to watch me grow as an artist, please join me - I love to share my enthusiasm photography -  painting and positive outlook.

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