Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't Just Dream it Do it - Sell Art

If you have a desire to follow your dream, don't hold back. There is no harm in trying and if you really put effort into it the benefits will be enormous. So, wake up out of  that dream and start making a plan.
Set goals
follow through
act now - don't wait
be  persistent
share with others
ask for help
reach your limits and set new ones

I have been on my art journey for almost a year now.

I have set a goal of being a full time artist within the next two years.
I act today  and don't wait until tomorrow.
Sharing with others on FB keeps my focus 
Sometimes I need help and I do ask for advise and assistance.
I have reached some goals and now it is time to reach further.

In the past eight months I have been able to sell pet portrait commissions on a weekly basis, keeping
my income high enough to cover my expenses. I am now set with supplies, a work space and PC.
I have this blog, and several FB pages where I continue to share and market.

Marketing is very time consuming - there are many ways to accomplish this and I have tried a few. The
FB targeted ads really do work, and asking your friends to help you make your page grow and spread the word
helps too. I now have almost 4,000 people on my page, and have shipped paintings all over the US, to Canada and to the UK.  I'd say not to bad for someone who had not done any art for twenty seven years!

Today I spent some time at the bank opening up a new checking account - under the new DBA

Art Expressions By Pam
The banker was quite interested in how it was going. I told him it was going great.  He asked me
how much revenue I expect to bring in and my reply was $1,000 per month. Then he asked when I'd
quit my full time job. I said when I'm grossing $40,000 a year. He said good for you! You have a good
plan and if you are able to  make money in this economy you will do very well. The banker then asked,
can I google you? Sure, I replied. He typed in Pam Utton - and sure enough there I was listed over and over again.
He picked on where I was listed on a blog and he saw two portraits I had sold. WOW, your work is very good.
He then asked for my business card.

So, this is the next step - from going from a pass time - hobby to a desire to run a business.
Now, I can set new goals - will I get a .com? Will I market in new ways? Time will tell. I will
continue to post my progress in this artistic journey.

Thanks for following. I can't do any of this without you. I appreciate all of the people who have been watching my progress, spreading the word, and purchasing my work.


  1. Hi Pam!

    I don't know you, i'm from Belgium. But i want to tell you i really like the efforts you do for animal welfare. You are great!!


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