Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sharing Tidings of JOY!

Corny, yes, but what do you expect, I've been painting Christmas ornaments the past few weeks!
With my FB page nearing the 4,000 mark - people are asking - How did she do that?

Well - it is a lot of hard work and my real job has been somewhat neglected.

Here is the basis of how to build a fan base.

Always be true to your fans
be interested in them too, it isn't just about you- you would not be there if they did not fan you.
Keep you page light hearted. There is enough troubles in this world w/o discussing on a fan page,
unless that is what you are trying to market. But for arts and crafts, I don't see any reason to be negative.
Keep active on your page, don't let it sit for weeks
Network - share your link everywhere you think it is okay to share.
Learn from others
Support your friends
Research on FB or the WEB marketing ideas - follow blogs and pages that discuss this.
Social Media Marketer

I found the Happy Hour idea on the link above. I go to blogs and pages like this and if I can I subscribe to their newsletter. It is their job to give us ideas.
I read the Happy Hour idea and thought it was a great way to see what my FB friends / fans are up to.
A few were very happy to share. I've been doing the Love Link for quite a while, you visit, drop  your link - comment and invite people to do the same. But, how many of us dare drop a link again? I drop links all the time on Dog, Cat - Rescues - since I am not directly selling a product and am telling them to come visit that I give back 10% - But, would feel weird dropping a link on a Pet Portrait artist's page w/o consent!
I've even been blocked from commenting on some pages.  I can understand that marketing too. Some would not want me to comment on their work, and have their fans come see my work and compare. But, I am more free spirited. FB is large enough for all of us. Even all the Pet Portrait people. We all have different abilities - different price points and different locations.
So today, I got to join some new craft links and look as some fantastic pet portraits! - Inspiration comes for those who share. I would not even be still painting if it wasn't for all the wonderful artists who have posted before me and shared their work and tips on how to paint, draw, market.

Here is another one I follow - did you know you can turn your blog into a E Book?
The Blog Squad

I get this newsletter - lots of good advise for the more technically inclined person

So thank you all for sharing - caring and all you do. I feel humbled to be associated with some of the most wonderful people and experienced artists in the world.


  1. Wonderful post and wonderful experience! I got
    sad mood today because negative feetbacks on my post in Lifejournal.You inspire me to continue ... You are right - FB is large enough for all of us.

  2. There is the occassional negative person, don't let them get you down. I had some negative feedback on this post, saying I share my link on too many rescue sites, and it shows up in their FB feed. Oh well, one has to do what one has to do to get exposure. Keep going - it works. And now I am almost to 5,000 mark


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