Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In the right place at the right time?

I belong to a Yahoo Group for artists and there is often discussions regarding how to market and sell art. Some lament that with the slow economy it is quite difficult to sell anything, while other artists have a waiting list several months long. So, is it a matter of being in the right place at the right time, or being in all the right places?

I would have to lean on the side of being in all the right places. As an emerging artist, my goal was to get my name out there, and develop a following and my skills. A year ago, I wasn't doing any art, and I didn't even know what Facebook was.  But, once I picked up that brush and painted my first dog, I was hooked!  So, I needed a plan to get my work seen. I joined FB- made a blog - and then searched all the free artist directories I could. Linked my page with Yahoo and other search engines and began making my network of friends on the internet.

Once I had a pretty good foothold on FB and networking I subscribed to some art publications, joined the Canine Guild and subscribed to a few free newsletters on marketing.

So, when artists say they can't sell, are they seeking more ways of getting noticed? There are thousands of places if you just take the time to research. I've been added to so many blog posts and links I could not even count them all.

I met a wonderful artist from Etsy this week. Her work was fantastic and she had won many awards.
She advised me that when artists are given the gift of creating art doors open. Lots of doors have opened for me. A new book just hit the market and some of my work will be among the other artists work. Want a wonderful thing. I ordered my copy today. Do I make any money from this? No, but
it is my gift to the publisher and his gift in return is my bio and art in a publication that could sell to thousands of people. The book took almost a year to compete, so it will be some of my very first paintings showcased.  Dog Sayings By Bradford Wheeler

So,  if your art or craft isn't getting enough exposure - perhaps  you need to be in the right place at the right time, or in all the right places. : )


  1. Great post. I do agree, I think it's all about getting your things out there. And in this day and age the internet is a great tool. I was wondering what marketing newsletters you have subscribed to?

  2. I like Mashable- blog@hubspot.com - WebProNews EmptyEasel.com,wetcanvas,

    I think I like the webpronews the best. There are a few on FB too about marketing that are good to subscribe to

  3. LOL Pam-Don't forget ArtCareerExperts.com and our newsletter...not many out there from artists who make a living at their art :-)

  4. Very interesting and useful post
    But I suppose part of your success is becouse you sell something special.Can you please advice something to jewelry sellers?
    I sell jewelry but mostly in Russia and Israel.
    American market is still closed for me (may be becouse my pure English ) :(

  5. getting really good photos is key for jewelry -do you have a light box? I have a friend that displays her photos as a tile w/other photos of flowers and nature that match the colors in the jewelry. It looked so professional and beautiful, I wanted to look at all of her items.


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