Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Announcement - How I can build a network to help you

From pet portraits, fundraisers, and now what? Yes, you may of seen my postings.
As many of you know I like to make people smile, share a flower, a joke, raise some money for rescues and share my journey. Now, this post is not related to my pet portraits, yet it is still a creative expression of how I care about you.

I have been working in the healthcare industry for over twenty-five years, and many of those years I have been a manager of the facility or department. During these years, I have met a lot of professionals that can help me create a network. My goal is to us FB and all the people I know and will network with to create a Fan page
filled with employers and employees seeking medical placement. Some recruiters just browse the job posting boards and use the telephone to contact people. But, I think I can find more people and make more appropriate connections by building on what I already have access to. I have access to over 8,000 people on two of my FB pages, and you all have friends. Perhaps ones that need a job- or that need help filling a job.

National Recruiter Service Blog

I encourage you to tell people about this new journey and to join my Medical Recruiter Web Fan Page if they would like to be part of the network. No, I'm not crazy, and yes, I know this will work. I have almost 5,000 people on my Pam's Watercolor Pet Portraits -and one year ago I was not even sketching - doodling or painting, now I'm running a part time business. And for those fans - don't worry I won't be stopping any time soon, still time to get those Christmas orders in! LOL

To join the Recruiter Network click this link

Making people smile and something to look forward to gives me great joy. If I can find you a job or your employer a great employee, this would be a even better gift to you than that daily flower posting.

I'm a thinker - always thinking of ways to improve the lives of all of us.

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