Monday, September 20, 2010

The Power of a Photo to make Positive Connections

I know that I've mentioned this before, but it worth talking about again. You all know how active I am on FB and that I have been known to give away paintings and do fundraisers for strangers. I believe that things happen for a reason. Painting  has a deeper meaning for me and I'm finding out some of this meaning as I continue my journey.

Twice now I have viewed photographs from strangers, and have felt such a strong connection to the photo, that I just had to paint it. The first one was Spirit Dog. I asked the owner if I could paint such a wonderful photo, and she told me yes, of course I could. I found out about Spirit and her owner - they both had medical conditions and needed a little joy in their life. I ended up doing a fundraiser and giving away a few prints along w/the original painting. Kara suffers from extreme allergies to laytex and is homebound. I was able to bring a little joy to her life and something to look forward to. She learned too, as a artist herself that she too could help cheer up people with her art, and decided to start creating again.

Then I had a contest to find some great dog photos, and several great photos I found. I painted the first one for the Canine art show, from viewers choice. But, there was one particular photo that just spoke to me. Those, eyes telling me I had to try to capture on canvas. I then found out another story of a woman who had some medical conditions that kept her from doing the thing that she loved so much. Painting this has given her something to look forward to also, and 50% of the sale will be given to the rescue of her choice. She too has opened up to me and shared her pain.

If  I can make one person smile for just one day where they may of not been able to due to a hardship in their life, then my artistic journey is well worth the trip. All those evenings painting with limited sleep. The drive to
keep painting and sharing is so powerful right now I can't stop. I think there is some destiny here to
create and make people happy.

I feel blessed to be able to find these connections on FB and to be able to lend a ear -share some joy and create from such beautiful photos that people have posted.

 18x24 Acrylic on canvas - To be shown for the October Canine Show and sale to benefit a rescue.

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