Monday, October 4, 2010

The Numbers Game, do you play it?

Is the power of numbers like compound interest of is it more like a falling stock market?
Do you play a number game with your social media marketing style?

I do, and here is my theory. Selling art is not always about how good you are, it is about who knows you and how many people are aware you are out there. I set very high goals for the numbers of fans on my page.
Do I expect everyone to purchase? No, I don't. Just like when you have a party, invite ten and five will show. Here I estimate invite 1,000 and ten will purchase.  So,  growing numbers grows the opportunity for sales. It does not guarantee sales. You must also, be good at what you do, and have your product meet or exceed the clients  expectations.  For, with each new sale there is a possibility for yet another sale. I have had several sales from people who just saw my art for the first time, and when they purchased they told all of their friends about me, and my numbers and sales grew. So, for me numbers can be like compound interest. But, sometimes
it can rise and fall like the stock market. To keep the numbers high, you must consistently  produce quality products, and have excellent customer service.

Have you evaluated your number theory?

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