Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finding Multiple Streams

Have you found a way to add multiple streams of revenue for your art or craft business?

In order to have multiple streams on income, you must first find your main  tributary.  Unless you find this main stream of revenue the other little streams will dry up. When I started I posted my photos and paintings on several web pages, but there was no action. It was like skipping stones in random puddles.  My streams dried up and I closed my shops. So, get out your dousing rod and find that big stream, something that will sustain so that you can then find those multiple streams and keep them going.

I found my main tributary on FB. This is where the majority of my sales come from. I spend countless hours on line, building friendships and showing my paintings on line. From there the stream connects to the Blog and all
other small streams connect back to the blog and to the FB page as well. Once I had established my presence and my abilities, I was able to keep my streams full. It is very important no to let the stream wander by it's self, of it will dry up. You should link back to one another. 

I added a new branch to my river with Fine Art America, this river is flowing quite well, and I'm getting good feedback and commissions from it.  When I request payment I often link back to the blog, so my client can see all the other streams I have. There they can see, that I also make mugs, mouse pads, prints and T-shirts along with cards and prints of my photography.
Pam's Fine Art Web Page

Please remember keeping all these streams flowing takes constant effort and fresh ideas and products. I create daily, and always come up with new items to offer so that my streams don't dry up.

Have you watered your streams this week?

see the comment - yes,  Theresa has many years of experience at advising people how to add multiple sources of income, such as her DVD's and books, that I have not had a chance to reveiw yet. You are welcome to join the Artist Paycheck and find out from the pros- what might work for you.
Yahoo Artist Paycheck group

 I just share what has worked for me.


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  2. I added your link to my blog. I had not heard discuss multiple streams of income yet, but I'm sure you cover it, since it is a standard that we must follow. Just like when you tell me FB sould not be my only avenue for sales. As you see I have been marketing for a while on many web sites and have tied my links everywhere I can and added free directories all over the internet. I might be purchaseing some of your materials soon, so I can learn more. I have enjoyed the recent discussions I have taken part in.

  3. Pam; Are you finding that people are purchasing prints and things from the Fine America site? If so; are they people you've directed through facebook and orders; or do they tend to be random strangers?

  4. I've only been on FAA for about three weeks and have had four inquiries for portraits and three commissions. No print sales yet. These are were not people I knew from my FB page.
    I try to add something new each week and participate in the contests.

  5. I'm working on it! Your Fan Page is a marvel to me, as I'm not nearly so good at keeping ours flowing. One day at a time, though - that, and holding on to the determination to succeed:-)

  6. Thanks Pam. There are a lot of resources on there as well as our website and perhaps some of it will be beneficial to other artists!


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