Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't forget the animals this Holiday Season.

If you can adopt, - please consider adoption of a animal in need, adopt don't shop if you can.  The rescues are full of desirable animals and need our constant help and support to keep operations going. As the holiday season approaches, I try to think of ways to give back more. I like to support as many rescues as I can with donations  of art, money and percentage of my pet portrait business. Helping these animals is what keeps my midnight oil burning, painting each night until I am exhausted. Knowing that I am helping in any way I can, brings me great joy. Today I joined up with Top Paws Rescue.

Please visit their web page and see if there is anything you can do to help.
Top Paws Rescue

Together we are working on a fundraiser. I will paint custom pet portrait ornaments on a variety of porcelain shapes, and give back $3.50 of each sale to Top Paws.

If you would like a custom painted gift - please order here and help a rescue that could use some holiday cheer.

Order here from this link to make sure Top Paws gets the donation

Thank you for your support - The kindness that you give to animals is a wonderful thing.

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