Friday, October 15, 2010

Works in Progress Acrylic Cavalier Painting

So often I write to you about my marketing style with Facebook and forget that part of my journey is not only selling my paintings and gaining exposure. The journey is the process of learning to paint and what I'm doing next. I share so much of this type of journey with my daily postings and paintings in progress, that I sometimes neglect the Blog. Perhaps there are people who view and read my blog that don't follow my FB page.

So, here is a blog for you! I am still painting every day. And when I'm not painting for a client, I find other subjects and other mediums to work with.  Lately, I've added several new acrylic works and they have been popular. My page is Pam's Watercolor Pet Portraits, and that can't be changed, but I made my icon say the business name of Art Expressions By Pam.

Here is a work in progress, and I'll update as I start the ears and body. This is a 8x10 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. As I  continue to strive for realistic detail, my paintings are taking longer to complete. But, that is part of the journey -to, learn - grow, share and improve skills to gain more sales in the future.

I fell in love with this little Cavalier Sammie.
Here is his phoot

Step One

and my progress
I like to make sure the eyes are right before I move on too far on the painting. Getting the eyes life like is very important to me.

Step 2
If you want to watch me complete this project, please join my page at

Art Expressions By Pam

Final painting
8x10 Acrlic on Canvas
For sale, will be displayed at local art show

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