Monday, October 18, 2010

Keeping it Fresh and Fun!

My facebook page is still growing and I'm getting very close to my goal now. You may wonder how do I do it? I am able to manage a large page and keep interest because I keep it fresh and fun. Being an artist means being creative. I like to share with my visitors and have them share with me, so that we can get to know one another and have a little fun in the process. So, this week, I have opened up a challenge  on my wall.  My FB friends have been invited to share a photograph of something other than an animal. This is a painting challenge for me. At the end of the week, we will have all of the photos combined in one album and we will have voting on the entries.  The photo with the most entries, I will have to paint, no matter how difficult it looks. Once completed the person who submitted the photo will be eligible to
receive a free print.

I know my page says Pet Portrait artist, but I think in order to sell you must be adaptable and be able to create for any market. So, this challenge is the perfect way to see if my talents have developed enough to move beyond pets and into something more difficult.

So, stay tuned, you never know what fresh ideas I will come up with.  If you would like to challenge me please join my page and submit your photo entry.
Photo entry - Contest - Challenge

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