Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do you have a plan, and if so are you making all the right moves?

Yes, as a emerging artist I have big plans and have made many good moves. But, in retrospect, I wonder if I've made all the right moves? In order to succeed you have to believe in yourself and others have to believe in you. I have no issues with my belief, but have my moves suggested otherwise? Perhaps.

During the past year I have increased skills rapidly by creating art every day, built a huge fan base by giving away prints, portraits and gifts. But, have these moves helped me to move forward, or am I at a crossroad? After reading books joining Linkedin and asking my fans questions, I think that my fear of other people's pocketbooks  have held me back from moving forward.

I grew up in a poor family and my parents are still very frugal, so when I create art, I know it has value but I've been so afraid people in these hard economic times had no money for my hard work. So, I  gave - and set  silly low prices sometimes. Yes, when you give you will receive and I too have been rewarded time and time again, with  more fans - more skill , more knowledge. Yet, something is missing, my fear of  my clients financial status has held me back from moving forward.

So, today I  turned down a suggestion from a friend that I make faster sketches for 10.00. I decided I would not scribble for a dribble, and sang " I'll do anything for art, but I won't do that. "
I've also changed my pricing to a simpler structure, and no longer have the lowest price in the market, yet still very reasonable for the hours and love and skill I offer the the painting.

I have to move forward in order to not get backed into a checkmate situation. I don't want the game to end. I want to paint and share for the rest of my life. So, this is the start of the crossroad, and I am moving forward, branching out to a Gulf Coast Web page, Fine Art America and working harder at creating quality work that you and I will be proud of for a lifetime.

Thanks to all of my facebook fans getting me this far down the road. They have paved the way to my new juncture.  But it is time to stop fretting about the finances of others and make sure I have a little jingle in my pocket for the hours and hours I spend on this journey.

So, if you are a artist and crafts person, it is time to look at your plan too and make sure you are making all the right moves. 

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