Saturday, October 23, 2010

Found the direction and support to continue.

The journey of a artist can be long and winding road. I have just recently come to a crossroad, and now I'm on the next route in marketing and developing my artistic style and finding my market.

During the past year, I have worked daily developing my skills in both watercolor and the recently added acrylic. Each have their unique ability to capture a pet portrait. The watercolor can be faster and more spontaneous, but there is no room for error, one dropped brush  can ruin the painting.  The acrylic can create more depth and you can make revisions with the paint.  I used to paint w/acrylic all the time when a teen. The watercolor was actually new for me. I like to offer my clients choices. 

When I started last October with my first painting of Hans, I had no idea if I could do a pet portrait. So, I started out by offering this service, $40.00 if you like you can purchase, if you don't - no worry - no obligation. For you see I did not know if I could actually produce.  So, prices were low, gifts were flowing and I was building a following. I now know YES, I can consistently produce quality art, and call myself an artist.

The next step was to build a reputation with clients and other artists. To be taken seriously, you have to have consisted sales, and show that you can follow through and continue. For no one wants to build an alliance with you if you are just a painter that paints only when the feel like it. Unless you are like me and feel like it all the time!  I have been selling and painting almost everyday for a year now. Others notice and believe in me as I believe in myself. I have been invited to guest blog, share my marketing story, and  have joined a few reputable web pages and the Canine Guild. I've also been published in a book. "Dog Sayings, The Wit and Wisdom of Dogs".

Today I have been offered to join a new group of fellow artist who help animals with art. I am very honored to be asked to join. This shows me that yes, people have watched me - and noticed that YES, I do want to continue my journey. I am now not only known by thousands of internet people, I am branching out to become known in my community for my charitable contributions, and willingness to
help animals and others when asked upon. No, I don't want to be known as the artist that just gives away everything for free, but I do want to help animals and open up to my local community more.

So, off I go onto my next avenue - of learning from my new association to develop in the near future,  and with the Gulf Coast Art Directory see my new Web Page here  Tomorrow I go the the opening reception of the local art fair, and see how my art holds up to public view.

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  1. Pam, sending best wishes your way for the reception tomorrow! I know your artwork will be admired! keep us posted with your thoughts of the reception please =) Leann


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