Saturday, November 13, 2010

Overcame the doubts and moved forward again.

Is it true? Me little miss positive had doubts? Sure I did. I had proved to myself that I could paint commissions on request and come up with a successful painting every time. I also, became very comfortable selling my work on Facebook. There I could let my clients and followers into the world of a emerging artist. I could share my painting progress and get immediate feedback. Life was good. But, is there more to selling art and becoming a successful artist? Sure, there is. I had often toyed with the idea of getting a Artist Tent, display system and table, but feared that this would be a waste of money. I was jaded from my first experience where I paid $200.00 for a venue where only five people even looked. But, there was a misrepresentation of the number of attendees, and no artists did well. Many asked for their money back, and the event coordinator quit. So, I kept with what I knew, how to make friends and showcase my  talents on the internet. Yet, I wanted more, I needed a local following. How would I accomplish this? I had to invest more money and log off the internet and hit the streets! Many successful artists told me, that face to face is the best way to sell art. I still feared, spending 300.00 on a venue and a few hundred to get set up would give me no return on investment. One day I got brave, decided to spend every last dime in my account, and get that darn tent, table and search local for events. The first Event will be in Freeport at Alaqua Animal Refuge. I hope I make it, I'm having surgery the day before! During the Summer, there will be more events, I can start out small, at farmers markets. I know that art sales will be best at a real art show, but I need to save more money so I can have the entry fee.  I went to the Destin Art Festival and I compared my art to theirs and I know I'm good enough to get in. I saw many people purchasing art. This is my next big goal. To present at a real art show!

Are you ready for your next step in your journey? Don't let fear hold you back. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Wish me luck! And, good luck to you with your next big move forward.

This weeks painting. 8x10 Watercolor
Commissions always welcome.

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