Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ACEO paintings are here

After painting almost one hundred tiny portraits on ornaments, I decided it was time to pull out those ACEO art trading canvas cards.  Now that I have so may paint and paintbrush  choices painting the tiny trading cards it much more fun. I would like to do a series of each painting done twice, one as an ACEO and another on a large canvas.  I found a web site dedicated just for the sale and trade of these cards. They are a easy project to slip in between commissions.

see my ACEO's here
Art Cards Wanted by Pam Utton

This new year will be all about doing what I do best, pet portraits, and adding landscapes and seascapes. I just found out that I can hang art at the local Airport and at a Real Estate office, plus at a gallery in MS, so I will be busy painting things other than pet portraits to show my clients that I am a skilled artist working in many mediums and with many subjects. Since I am an avid photographer too, I have hundreds of photos for inspiration.

As a new artist with a huge drive and desire to create I like the saying " Go big or go home"

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