Monday, January 10, 2011

Finding new niches

What is your new niche for 2011? I have always loved those glass tiles and this will be a new niche market for me.  If you are thinking why would you want to offer this when there are so many crafters already doing this? Well, the trick is to be just a bit different from the rest, offer more customization.

I will be making mine from photos my pet lovers and art lovers send me. Then editing the pictures so that the animals pop. This is not just a basic print and paste - it is a full custom tile, with the clients photo, or my original photo or painting reproduction. So, yes, I can break into a saturated market and sell like crazy.
Customer service and customization goes a long way.

I paint the backs too, I don't use clip art or just varnish the back of the photo. The back is painted w/enamel paint and then varnished. Solid colors on the pet portraits and perhaps a little custom painting on my photography tiles. So, if you have a product you want to offer, but think everyone else is already doing it, brainstorm on how to make that market your special niche.


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