Saturday, January 8, 2011

Do you find your Niche and stick to it?

Definition of Niche Market

As an emerging artists I built a business on providing quality work for my niche which is pet portraits. And I've read articles and have been told to find a niche and build it, and stick to it. Do you stick to your niche?  The pet portrait business is alive and well, yet quite competitive. Just look at my Facebook page and you will find probably thirty other pet portrait artists on my friend list. And this would be a mainstream niche. Not very far off the beaten path. Everyone loves animals. Yet, as artists we tend to develop our individual style as we learn and grow with  expertise  so that perhaps our niche market becomes less mainstream and in a higher price point. The artists who find a special niche are rewarded with better incomes and more collectors of art purchasing what they have to offer.  I don't feel I've found that special niche yet, but have some advantage that I offer two mediums; watercolor and acrylic.

Yet, when someone tells me to stick to my niche, don't try to explore, expand or do something different, I tend to bristle my feathers. To me I am a artist first, pet portrait specialist second. As a artist my job is to explore my capabilities of  creating something that speaks to people and moves me
to continue to explore. I love painting pet portraits, it makes me calm and satisfied and it brings my clients such joy. But, this does not mean I have to paint just pet portraits.  I continue to explore my inner self and ways to express that with photography, drawing, and painting. Why can't I have two or even three niches? Pets, flowers, abstracts, it is all art and all in the eye of the beholder. I love all styles of  art and craft, I refuse to be put in one category. Does this hamper my progress as a artist?
I prefer to think it makes me a more satisfied artist.  So, do you too desire to do more than that one niche you have found that works and sells?  I would advise to go for it. Because if you don't try, you many never know your true capabilities of building a special niche market.

Build your niche, but don't get stuck in a rut, and never let people tell you to not express or explore more than what your are currently successful with.


  1. I agree with you. I've felt myself that if I listened to everyone's advice I would have a much more narrow focus. I like to do what I enjoy and that's pet portraits one day, and possibly something completely different another. I think the key is to find what makes YOU happy, and do your best.

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