Monday, January 3, 2011

To Eager to please? Could you end up hurting yourself?

A year has passed, and I have had a wonderful time building a fan base and painting more items than I can count. I am always so eager to please the new client and so raring to go, that the minute I have that photo I want to start the project. Lucky for me I am new enough that there is not a long list, and since I'm so eager to please and work on each request as soon as I receive it, I can produce many paintings and gifts and not keep my client waiting. But, due to my compulsive nature and my eagerness to please others, have I lost sight of balance? Perhaps I have. Working full time, and trying to establish a new business takes a ton of effort. The effort came with pleasure - yet, I think that it has affected my overall health. Sitting down for 15hrs or more a day, is very bad for the waistline! I have gained about twenty five pounds and had more illness this year than the past five.

So, for 2011 - yes, I will still be eager to please, but I will try to focus on some balance in my life, perhaps the painting doesn't have to be done Johnny on the spot. Other pet portrait artists have clients that will wait months for that special piece of art.  I have to remind myself of those pit bulls that were so eager to please that they would fight for their horrible masters. They did it because they were eager to please and didn't realize the danger of being so willing to do what people wanted them too. Poor babies. 

Today - I am eager to please me too, and will take one step toward balance - I will get up out of that chair and exercise more than my fingers. Elliptical trainer here I come!

So,  please be careful on how eager you are to please. Perhaps as new business owners we tend to put too much pressure on ourselves to please others. For if your burn out and get sick, you cannot please anyone.
We must keep a constant eye on where we are heading and at what cost. Mine was weight gain and back pain and other illness that I was not accustom to. What about you? Were you in balance during the past year? I think I was a bit out of balance.

If you have suggestions for keeping your life in balance, please add comments. : D

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