Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I wasn't barking up the wrong tree, I just didn't know how to climb the tree!

So, I'm on year two of my journey. The first year was about supplies, exposure and honing my skills as a pet portrait artist. I wanted so badly to help rescues with my portraits, but my method was flawed.
I wrote to rescues until I was exhausted, posted my link offering 10% of sales on every rescue page I could find on Facebook.  I repeated this process month after month, only to find that there was no response to my plea, or the response of - sure we would love a free painting. I did give away  gift certificates and free paintings, but really never knew what they sold for, and if this was making any substantial donation for the rescue. Most of the time there is no feedback other than a thank you for your donation.  Since I have a compulsive nature and still wanted to find a way to help, I decided to try a new approach. My little glass tiles seemed to be selling very well, so why not offer this as a fundraiser item?
Many people still can't afford $100.00 for the sake of a $10.00 donation to their favorite rescue. But, they sure can afford $15.00 for the return of a $5.00 donation to a rescue. I offered this to one of my rescues that has a web link to my page. Secondhand Snoots
They had purchased one large painting and put my web link on for the promise of a percentage of sales, but after many months of no sales, I contacted them with the glass photo pet pendants. Oh, boy, they loved that, and so did all the people who wanted to help the rescue. I sold over 25 pendants in the first two days. I ran out of supplies! WHOO HOO - I climbed up that tree, and it felt great!
Final tally was $222.00 donated to the rescue from the sales of glass photo pendants. 

I am now getting rescues to write to me asking if I could do a fundraiser  for them! Now, there's a switch, from - ignore- delete of my e-mails to them asking me if I can help!

While thinking outside the box, I decided to try another fundraiser idea for an new rescue that posted my link for a percentage of sales.  The Midwest Pug Rescue
Pugs are small, so why not small paintings. I have a challenge to paint 30 pugs in 30 days for
a donation of 10.00 per painting. The 5x5 watercolor painting will come matted in a 8x8 mat and frame, includes shipping. Another fine value for the client, and a good donation to the rescue.
I've also added 5x5 painted pet pavers for $55.00 with 10.00 being donated to the resuce.
30 pug paintings in 30 days, Event

Painted Paver Example

People love their pets and want to help rescues, but the rescues are often time short staffed and perhaps don't even have a web page, or office. They have no  time or space to display a item in hopes of sales.  So, now after talking to rescues and trying to figure out what is a win win for both of us, I think I've got it! I look forward to making more Charity books and selling more affordable items that can create a larger amount of participants.

If your rescue is interested in my fundraiser ideas, please contact me under the how to order page on my blog. You will find a contact form for your inquiry.

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