Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Marketing to create a win win

Everyone wants to be a winner. You want to be successful at selling your art and your audience wants to be acknowledged for appreciating your art. I learned early on  that for me to become a know artist, that I had to get my art viewed by thousands of people, and that there were many internet options for achieving this. But, I needed more than just showing my paintings, I needed people to see them in person, to tell others. I needed to create a win win. So, before I ever opened up my Facebook page, I scoured the internet to find out how other artists broke the mold of selling through a gallery. I followed the advise of articles I found on Empty Easel.


I had a marketing plan before I started painting, and I was consistent. I painted every day, and each month I would build upon my market by creating win win for me and for my Fans. I would have events, giveaways, and fundraisers.  No, I did not see this as devaluing my art. For, without
sales, my art had no relative value. I knew I had to create value, but having the public view, see, touch my paintings. And as my months passed my audience grew and the value of my product grew. I became a sought after artist on Facebook. I became known.

Retail merchants give away all the time in order to draw in a customer, for they know if they can get that one sale, it will lead to future sales, or additional purchases along with the special sale item. These merchants often use what is called a loss leader to attract clients.
Loss leader

Grocery stores give out samples of product all day long. Try to give a little sample. One way I created samples when I first started was to use a print on demand shop like Zazzle and have my paintings put on magnets for promotions. This is much cheaper than paying for a FB add, and your clients will appreciate your  gift and tell others.

Sometimes you have to give to win. I know that many professionals never have a sale, and are afraid to under price, for that might devalue the other bodies of work. But, as a new artist or new business this is not always the best choice. At least it was not for me. I am of the belief  that the ability to create is a gift and it should be shared with as many people as you can to create value and success.

I used this image on a zazzle magnet for a prize.
So, if you are new to internet marketing, think of ways you can create a win win. You don't need to give a way a $1,000 painting. All you need to do is give a little, and you  will find that your page will begin to come alive with interest in the work that you do.  And once you have a strong fan base you will see your value of your product grow as well.

What are some of the events, promotions you tried, and did you find that this helped your business grow?

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