Saturday, May 14, 2011

Affordable Art Prints are Here!

As I continue to paint almost daily, more subjects are being painted, from elephants to flowers and dogs with hats! My goal is to always offer affordable art to people who love art but can't afford the high end market. So, as my skills and prices edge up a bit, this is keeping a few from  being able to afford my art.  I am now loading up my Etsy shop "PaintedGifts" with more affordable art to include prints for only $20.00

My Etsy Shop
Bulldog Snore print
Happy Tails Saloon print

My goal it to continue to offer quality pet portraits by commission. In my free time I'll  work on larger canvases. This will give me an opportunity to sell more styles and subjects with my print offerings.

So, check in once in a while, you never know what I'll paint next, but I'll tell you the next one is going to be a carousel horse.

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