Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big DISCOUNTS for Big Canvas

So, it is still May and I didn't get any orders for large paintings so that I could donate that $100.00 as offered to rescue of choice. But, my quest is still to go big. I didn't land that big job, so I continue to paint daily.
18x24 work in progress will sell for $300.00 when completed

I've moved up from the tiny paintings on marbles and pebbles that were so fun. I sold several, but $20.00 sales is not really going big. I made the Happy Tails Saloon painting, that included a cat and six dogs, that was a pretty darn big project. Prints are for sale at my Etsy shop for only $20.00.

Painted Gifts Etsy Shop

As an artist the first difficult thing to find is your audience and clients. The next most important thing is to find the right pricing structure. So, after much research and looking at the artists who are selling larger portraits on a consistent basis, I had to review my larger canvas prices.  Smaller canvases can be more detailed and tiny brushes can be used to create fur, but on the larger  canvas the size of the brush increases and the wow factor increases but it doesn't take four times longer than the smaller sizes. So, as an effort to keep going big, I have created big discounts for my clients on the larger sizes. This keeps my price point at or below some of the other pet portrait artists. I feel confident that my skills are at par with many of the artists I follow on Facebook. And I feel fortunate that I can not only paint many subjects, that I can paint from 1" and up. Drawing skills helps when it comes to creating portraits of varied sizes. I don't use a projector, so I have to be able to draw before I paint.

The price was dropped the 16x20 from $320.00 to $225.00 and on the  18x24 from $450.00 down to $300.00 the carousel is that size. These are great sizes to make a room statement and w/the acrylic you can hang as is, not frame and glass expense.  (shipping additional)

Will still always offer watercolor too, but no larger than 16x20.

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