Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring is in Bloom, so let's paint flowers!

Is it possible to become a known artist for pets and flowers? I don't see why not. Being an artist is about following your passion. I've always loved animals and plants. I've been taking flower pictures since I owned my first Kodak camera at the age of eight.

If you live in a cold climate or can't grow you own flowers to gain inspiration from, don't fret. For there are always flowers closer to you than you might think. What you say? Show me you say? Well, what about your local grocery store! Yes, indeed, they have beautiful flowers! Every time I go grocery shopping I bring my camera!

My local Art Society Fort Walton Beach Arts and Design Society has a call to artists in June for
art works inspired by  Georgia O'Keeffe O'keeffe museum Most people who don't even paint or draw or collect art have heard of her.
call to artists

So, sifting through my photographs, I came up with several that cropped nice to a 5x7. As I paint them I upload them to my Fine Art America web page. Thinking that these paintings will look great for cards.
My Fine Art America Web Site

Fine Art America is a great resource for people looking to sell art. I upload photographs and my artwork there. People can order prints, canvas, frames, cards and originals. FAA does all the work, they send me a check once a month as products sell. If you have not tried FAA - you might want to check into it. I have a banner on my Blog.  It is well worth the $30.00 a year for the exposure.

Now, yes, what was I  here for, to show you flowers! I'll be painting flowers every day this week. I've done three 5x7's so far. They actually take quite a while. Todays project took four hours.

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