Friday, May 27, 2011

Multiple Business Lines - when your streams need refreshing

I've discussed having multiple streams of income, before. How I have my paintings, prints, web pages and how they all link back to one another for easy management and to get more exposure. But, what if you have doe all the search engine optimization you can think of, all the link backs and all your streams hit a dry spell?

We are having a serious drought here in North West Florida, water restrictions, and high unemployment. Art sales are typically slower for me in the summer, due to people saving money for vacations.

How is your craft or art business doing this year? Mine is under projections, so it is time to turn on the faucet and add more revenue to the stream.

I've decided to add more product lines. This is where the beauty of social networking can come into play for you. I've networked with so many other small business owners that when I explained that I needed more income and would be willing to help them with sales, they were ready to listen.

I'm a natural sales person, being very outgoing and very upbeat and quite funny. I have found three businesses that are willing to work with me. I've signed on with two of them so far.

I will now be marketing dog fashions for Lou's Doggie Boutique, offering wholesale to pet stores and retail for my sales.  Purchase Doggie Boutique Items Here
I'll tell you more once I see the samples. I'll probably market here and on FB, and once I have some extra cash flow, add a new web site with a shopping cart.

Then I signed up with   Life's Abundance - Holistic pet products and more.
Life's Abundance

I'll also be doing some contract work demonstrating products in a local pet store.

So, when your streams are running low, time to brainstorm, find new ways to make your business grow.

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  1. Excellent post. I agree, times are still tough out there. It is a challenge to think outside the box, find new doors to open and then sell oneself. Personally, I don't mind the "digging" it is having to talk myself up that I hate. :) Would be great to acquire an Art Rep. to do that for me so I can just stay in the studio where I am most happy.
    Thanks for the share and good luck on your new endeavors!


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