Friday, August 26, 2011

Finding "Your" Market

Steve from Artist pay check summed it up. Each artist has to find his or her "market".
The sale of art has nothing to do with the economy or the market.  It is all about each artist reaching out and seeking his or her market.

Some pet portrait artists paint every hair, some paint with zest and flair, I tend to throw my marbles everywhere. Exploring different styles and surfaces to paint on.

Why do I do this? Well, I'm not an artist that wants to be famous for one unique style. I have a diverse clientele. Some may want a watercolor and an acrylic, maybe even graphite or pen and ink. So I give them options. My business is Art Expressions By Pam. My goal is to create expressions of happiness for me, and the pet lover by sharing my different styles based on their requests. So, you can say my niche is in expressions.

So, if you have not found your market with the internet, or your local gallery, perhaps you need to show them a few more offerings and be persistent. For the art collector wants to know that you are here to stay, no mater what the style is of the day . There is a market for you and for me, the world of buyers is huge, now go find your market!


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