Monday, January 23, 2012

Having more with less

It is a new year, people are talking about setting your goals, making your financial plan for your business. What is your plan? I plan to have more with less. Does that sound contradictory to you?
Is there really a way to have more with less? More what you may ask?

I plan to have more
artistic growth
personal growth

free time

Now, doesn't that sound like a good goal? But how does one have more with less? Here is my plan.

Sell the huge home and downsize to a tiny home. Build this 1,200 foot home myself, so I save more money and pocket more profit. Reduce my acreage from ten to five.

Grow my own food on the parcel of land, no need for ten acres because I'm no longer going to eat meat, so I don't need pasture to  raise beef on. Again, saving money, and gaining health benefits from becoming a vegetarian and knowing that my food is organic. 

I will gain artistic growth by building a studio and grooming salon, where I can work from home, giving me more time to create. This too creates a more positive cash flow with less. Less travel time, less money given back in percentages to the grooming salon and gallery, I become my own entity. So, I gain 40-55% of my income back.

Since I will be working at home, I can set my hours and make more money in less time, so that gives
me more time to purse other activities, like paddling down the Suwannee River, and taking photos.

Having more with less sounds pretty good to me? What do you think?

Be a dreamer, and make plans for dreams to come true. You have the power to change your life.

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