Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Musings about discounts.

I tend to give away a lot of art. I see it as a way to advertise and get my product in the hand of the consumer. This helps me build my business in the way of repeat sales and referrals. Some artists shy away from such practices thinking it cheapens their art. Others follow the same practice for it is better to spend money on clients than internet or print advertisement. For the product in the hand speaks volumes.

Yet, the consumer is always looking for a deal, a bargain. They want to make sure their money is well spent. Some spend a lot of money for they think that the  price reflects the value, as in the old saying "you get what you pay for" Others think that if you produce more, you should give a discount. I agree, treat your loyal clients well, give them a special thank you, a discount or a small gift for the purchase. I've done that many times. Perhaps a Aceo as a thank you - or a card with my art or a photo pendant of the art. But, when it comes to volume discount I'm torn.

I muse on this concept. When I was employed outside the home, if I produced more, I wanted a larger wage for my production.  If I worked over 40hrs per week, I expected more pay not less. I wanted that time and one half. So, why is it that clients and artist sometimes expect or give discounts for more work? If I work more than 40 hours producing the product why would there be less compensation? I'm not griping, for I love what I do, but I wonder why people expect more for less.  I wonder if anyone who works in an office every told their boss. I worked harder, longer, yet more efficient to save you overhead, so you can pay me less this week.  I think not !

Self employed people often work 60hrs a week or more to make ends meet doing what they love. They give discounts for loyal clients, and reap what they sow.  Many live below poverty standards, yet people still think they are rolling in the money.  I assure you that the only rolling I do is in my bed.  But, as time progresses and skills improve, I plan to reap what I sow, and have some jingle in my pocket to show for it.

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