Thursday, February 23, 2012

It takes time

Haven't blogged for a while, so thought now would be a good time for an update. As you already know I've been painting pet portraits for just over two years now, and the business is going great. No long waiting lists, but still quite busy. Usually when I complete one painting, there is another inquiry and commission request.  But, with my painting style and price points, this just wasn't enough income to pay the house payment. So, I decided to add to my pet industry business by going to pet grooming school. I thought what a great combination to be able to see, feel and study the dogs while I groomed them. This would be a win win. My paintings would improve and my client list would grow. Little did I know, how hard it is to break into the grooming world in my area. Since the pet grooming school is close by, there are tons of groomers out there, and almost all grooming shops want and experienced groomer. For, they are in the business of making money off the groomers labor, so the faster the groomer is, the more each party makes. Yet, as a new groomer, speed is something most of us lack. There is no way I can groom ten dogs in less than eight hours. I can do four or five and at my rate of commission, I am making less than $200.00 a week. So, time will tell, whether or not the grooming will be a large enough supplemental income to pick up where painting income leaves off.

My ultimate goal is to have my own grooming art studio, and at that point if I can groom at least 3 dogs four days a week, I'll make ends meet quite  nicely. But, as like with the painting business, you have to spend money to make money. Sometimes money you don't have. I'm selling furniture and art supplies to pay for grooming supplies. I'm spending over two times my weekly pay to get enough equipment. Heck the business made me provide my own hydraulic table!  But, as I see it, I'll now have a grooming table and drying table when I open my own business. I provide door to door grooming on my days off from the shop.

I will not falter, I will not fail, I will continue to grow and learn from my journey. Sometimes financial success is a struggle. But without the struggle you won't appreciate it when you hit the big time. 

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  1. Pam, I can relate all too well! I opened a pet bakery/boutique last August, and it is very difficult getting started. As you/they say, "It takes money to make money." I try to add new products when I can, but I would love to be able to expand more quickly. I do some advertising, but I obviously can't afford a full-page color ad in the most popular magazines and newspapers.
    Things are slowly getting better, and I know that my hard work and patience will eventually pay off. I also started a side business doing web design, but that will also take some time to get off the ground.
    Your door-to-door grooming may be the niche that you need to set yourself apart from all the other groomers in your area. In my area, we have mobile groomers and a mobile vet. Not only do people like the convenience, but it's great for dogs who get stressed in strange environments.
    Good luck and keep the faith! :)


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