Thursday, July 22, 2010

What do I want to be known for as an artist?

Do I want to be known as the best pet portrait artist? No - that is not the goal. There are thousands of wonderful pet portrait artists in this world, that I don't strive to be known as the best.

But, I do have goals and accomplishments I want to achieve during my journey.

I want to be know as:

The woman who was able to capture your pets soul
who could make you laugh - could make you let out grief for your lost pet
who shared her soul
who created a powerful web page, uniting friends, artists and collectors of art
who made the FB experience enjoyable
who shared her knowledge with others
who gave freely of her advise and her art
who made money for charity
who never let you down
who was honest
who had integrity
who inspired you to give of yourself
who inspired you to create
who became a known artist

so you see - it isn't just about painting for money and reward.
My goal is to share my gift with you - and to share my heart and creativity for the good
of others and animals. I create because I have this inner drive to express myself and to
make something positive with this inner calling.

Thank you for letting me share my journey with you, sharing and caring is what it is all about.

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