Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Offering more items and acrylic paintings now!

This has been a pretty good start to the month. The first of July was slow, so I thought I'd add more options for Christmas and for paintings.

I now have old fashion one gallon penny candy jars with metal lid that I can paint your pet portrait on.
I have just sent out my first two, and have a bulldog offered on my artfire lisings. These are painted
with acrylic enamel paint and baked in the oven for an hour to give them a scratch resistant washable finish.
They would be nice with a logo on them for businesses that make teats, or your furry friend in a pop art style. Sure to brighten up any home.

Also, just purchased 48 colored ornaments. My first hope was to make a swirl design in the clear glass ones, with sparkle paint. But, after many failed attempts, decided to purchase the colored ones. I have a few that I was able to get the paint to stick on the inside, but it took several coats and weeks to set.  I have painted one w/a Christmas poinsettia and it is also listed on the Artfire page. I will be adding - doves, elephants, perhaps some lighthouses and of course custom orders for Pets! - for the first few customers I have gift boxes as a free gift for your purchase. They will be selling for $35.00 and 10.00 shipping.  Please visit my artfire found on the side bar of my blog to see what I'm up to.  I'm always adding new products and Rescues that I'm helping with a % of sales.

My most recent portrait called for a dog in snow. With watercolor the goal is to reserve the white and let the paper be the white. I didn't think this would be a good effect with the watercolor, so I suggested to my client to get a acrylic on canvas instead. Why  not, I had just purchased some canvas and had all that acrylic paint for the ornaments. I under painted the snow with blue and pink and topped some with silver for a glow. For my first acrylic pet portrait It came out pretty good. So, now I can offer acrylic to the offerings. I will be purchasing more canvas and paint to keep the stock up. Lucky for me - that I can invest all my earnings back into supplies, since for now this is still my hobby, not my income. One day perhaps, but for now, still learning- sharing and growing this micro business.

Thank you for following my journey - who knows what I'll find around the next corner.

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