Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Don't just toot your horn, create a melody

I often say I paint to the rhythm of my soul. I also dance to the melody I create by sharing my jouney.

In order to be a success in your venture, you have to reach out and include people. For you can't do it with just one note it takes many notes to create a melody. There will be high notes and low notes as your song develops. But, without a song you are just a toot, and that toot will quickly be forgotten.

Some artists tell me that I am different, and perhaps I am. I don't hold secrets and will tell you where I purchase supplies and how I market. I offer postings on my Facebook page of other crafters and artists.  There is enough business for everyone, there is no need to hold back and hold your success to yourself.

My song is being heard  all over the internet, and the more my Facebook page grows, the more opportunities I have for others to share. I welcome their links, stories and feedback. And by doing this, I am rewarded with more exposure. For if we team together there are more notes to that melody and we can all sing a song and dance to the rhythm we create.

So, today I share some of the notes that have created this successful art journey.

THANKS to all my FB friends, clients, and internet connections and publications that have shared their notes with me to create this melody.

Artsy Shark for Emerging Artists

The Canine Guild

Happy Dog Connections - I have a feature in the the first on line publication

Art Helping Animals

Charity Books we create together

My Facebook page and all my supporters

Top Blog by Crafters

So you see - I don't march to the beat of my own drum - I dance with joy with the melody I create with all of the notes that fit together by sharing and caring.

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